Getting Started with Moodle

One thing I’ve learned

Regarding the topics of the 1st week my aha experience were the blocks. Up to now I mostly tried to avoid them, get them out of the way by moving them to the dock.

Now I found out how to use the navigation block to navigate between the course sections (topics) instead of summing up one very long course.

Addition: just learned that there is a grid-format. I guess that it is the same as the tab-format I now try to use instead of a long list.

Why I consider it important

Navigation is an important part of usability. And if a webpage is not attractive and easy to use it might hamper learning

How I can use it later

I already swapped my productive course (in real live) – just to see that our institution’s Moodle installation does not give the single topics in the navigation block. Maybe we have only 2.4 😦

no  topics in the moodle navigation

no topics in the moodle navigation

remark: this is already the tab-format which shortens the long list, but it shows that the topics are missing in the navigation block.

Which other questions it raises

Beside the touble with the information presented in the navigation block, I noe will consider other blocks? But which make really sense? As the students are not free to alter the blocks, I have to be careful!!!

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